am i a bad mom for formula feeding

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no you’re not a bad mom!your a good mom for feeding your baby! yes breast milk is very good for your baby but formula is to and if your less stressed and happier then that’s very important too!!

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  • Is it hard to make the decision to formula feed?

  • But it can be a difficult decision to make, since both feeding options have pros and cons. And you鈥檙e here because you want an honest conversation about the cons. Please hear me: I formula fed both my babies for various lengths of time. There are definitely benefits to formula feeding.

  • Is it better to breastfeed or formula feed your baby?

  • While breastfed babies typically have diapers that don鈥檛 have much of an odor, diapers from formula-fed babies can be quite stinky. Formula spit-up is almost as bad. While this isn鈥檛 a deal breaker, just be prepared! 9. You don鈥檛 get the calorie-burning benefit of breastfeeding. Boo.

  • How do you feed a formula baby at night?

  • Formula feeding mamas have to mix up a bottle before every feeding or heat up pre-made bottles of formula, which all takes time. There also isn鈥檛 an option of doing side-lying feeding during night feedings. Formula mamas need to feed their babies sitting up, just as they normally would during the day.

  • What are the disadvantages of using Formula?

  • One of the biggest and most obvious disadvantages of using formula is the cost. You have probably heard breast milk referred to as 鈥渓iquid gold.鈥?Formula could easily be called liquid gold for a different reason! Unfortunately, it can be quite pricey. Move over diapers 鈥?formula beats you be a long shot.

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