can goats eat chicken feed

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Should not be allowed

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  • Can goats eat chicken hay pellets?

  • Because the chickens will totally eat the goat hay pellets, too. After they鈥檝e been crushed and are smaller, of course. However, if you can minimize the amount of chicken feed your goats eat (and manage any bloat symptoms while they鈥檙e getting used to eating the chicken feed), then it鈥檚 likely not a huge issue.

  • What happens if goats eat chicken feed?

  • However, when the goat gorges itself on the chicken feed, it can cause diarrhea and bloat. Diarrhea and bloat could eventually lead to dehydration and, consequently, death. If your goats are only getting small amounts of chicken feed and are used to it, then they may be just fine.

  • Can you feed baby goats and Chickens together?

  • In case you have a larger farm and multiple animals around it, you might be wondering what approach is the right one when it comes to their food, especially if you are feeding baby goats, but chickens are also in the picture. The good news is that these animals can live well together, as chickens can enjoy a free range around a property.

  • Is Timothy hay healthy for goats and chickens?

  • Final Thoughts FOOD HEALTHY FOR GOATS HEALTHY FOR CHICKENS COMMENT Timothy hay YES In moderation Feed chickens when you have to Chicken feed NO YES Major feed for chickens Bermuda hay YES In moderation Feed chickens when you have to Poultry by-product meal NO YES Source of animal protein 13 more rows …

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