can goats eat chicken feed

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Should not be allowed

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  • Can goats eat too much grain?

  • Grain feed should be only a small part 鈥?if at all, of the goat鈥檚 diet. A goat that consumes too much grain is at increased risk of health issues 鈥?like bloat. A quality grain feed is comprised of significant percentages of protein, minerals, and vitamins.

  • What is the best diet for goats?

  • The best diet for your goat (or any livestock) is the most natural one you can provide. The closer you can keep to the traditional browsing habits of goats, the better the odds are that the animals will remain healthy. Never feed your goats hay, grain rations, supplements, or healthy snacks on the ground 鈥?especially not inside their pen.

  • Can goats eat hay?

  • Goat kids as well as their nursing mommas typically thrive on a legume style of hay. Mature goats, regardless of type, usually prefer a grass and legume style hay mix to fulfill their dietary needs. Being a small to medium sized livestock, goats generally will not eat a grass style hay unless it is their only option.

  • Can goats eat scraps of food?

  • Not only are some kitchen scraps or store bought food stuffs not safe for your goats to eat, some naturally growing matter that could be in the browsing area of pen can even be dangerous to deadly. Many newbie goat keepers give salted crackers or bits of bread to their goats.

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