can i feed my cat oranges

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  • Can cats eat oranges safely?

  • The short answer is no, cats can鈥檛 safely eat oranges. In fact, due to the essential oils contained in oranges, the citrus fruit is considered toxic to cats. As always, you must ask your vet before sharing any human foods with your favorite feline. Let鈥檚 dig into what you need to know about oranges and cats. Why Are Oranges Bad For Cats?

  • What can cats eat?

  • So, What Can Cats Eat 1 Salmon 2 Spinach 3 Fish Oils 4 Eggs 5 Cantaloupe 6 Chicken 7 Bananas 8 Oatmeal 9 Pumpkin 10 Cheese 11 Bread 12 Apples 13 Blueberries 14 Peas 15 Turkey More …

  • Are oranges good for cats with urinary infections?

  • Few slices oranges are fine for cats. They may be good as an occasional treat. But, They are very acidic and it could affect the urine pH/alkaline balance in cats. If your cat has urinary infections this would be best to avoid oranges.

  • Can cats eat lemons?

  • According to the ASPCA, orange is toxic to cats. So, you should not give your cat a piece of lemon. Some cat ower let their cats eat it merely for the purpose of it being entertaining to watch their feline react to the bitter taste of lemons.

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