can you eat food by mouth with a feeding tube

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  • Can a child with a feeding tube eat orally?

  • Many children with feeding tubes are able to eat orally. As long as a child has been cleared to safely eat orally, oral feeding should be encouraged. There may be limitations on amounts, certain foods, consistencies, textures and liquids.

  • Do you need a tube feed for your loved one?

  • A PEG or PEJ provides nutrition through the abdomen wall. These types of tube feeds are also used for those who need a tube feed long term. There are other reasons feeding tubes in the elderly may be needed. Always work with your healthcare team to address your individual needs and situation. Is a Tube Feed the Right Decision for my Loved One?

  • What are feeding tubes good for?

  • Feeding tubes are good for more than providing food, they can also relieve gas and bloating and reduce nausea and vomiting. Common uses of a feeding tube include: Providing Nutrition: Food, in liquid form, can be provided through a feeding tube.

  • Can a child eat orally with aspirated food?

  • Children who aspirate food or liquid into their airway should not eat orally without guidance from medical professionals. Oral eating may look different for each child. Some children may only be allowed tastes. Others may eat orally during the day and only require tube feedings at night.

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