can you eat food by mouth with a feeding tube

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  • Can you eat with a feeding tube in?

  • If you can handle it and your doctor allows, you can continue to eat by mouth while you have a feeding tube in place. When a feeding tube is inserted in a patient, it ultimately and gradually meets all of their nutritional and hydration demands. Therefore, the patient can still eat normal food while they are getting this treatment.

  • How do I transition from tube feeding to oral eating?

  • Generally speaking, by the time you are able to eat about 75% of your caloric needs by mouth for a few consecutive days, you may be able to discontinue tube feeding altogether, though some dietitians may recommend you add oral nutrition supplements to your meals. Every person will differ in how they transition from tube feeding to oral eating.

  • What are the different types of feeding tubes?

  • If you can’t eat enough by mouth to meet your energy needs, a feeding tube may be recommended. There are two types of feeding tubes: intragastric and intra-nasal. They are used to provide nutrition to patients who cannot take food by mouth.

  • What are the benefits of a tube feed?

  • A tube feed provides all nutritional needs to meet recommended caloric needs calculated by a registered dietitian. Some patients with a tube feed, depending on their condition, are still able to take food by mouth in addition to the tube feeding formula.

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