can you feed a betta fish goldfish flakes

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  • Can goldfish eat Betta food?

  • Betta fish food is safe for Goldfish and won鈥檛 cause any immediate issues if you happen to feed your Goldfish some Betta flakes. However, as mentioned above, this should only be a short-term solution if you are out of food as the health benefits of your Fish could be impacted. So, Can Goldfish Eat Betta Food?

  • What can I Feed my betta fish?

  • Betta鈥檚 also tend to eat a large variety of foods. Here are a few typical betta fish food options; Betta Pellets. Betta Flakes. Frozen or live bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp. Freeze Dried bloodworms, shrimp (used mainly as treats)

  • Are goldfish and bettas the same thing?

  • Yes, both the goldfish and betta are fish. But the similarities stop there. … Basically, goldfish food does not have the essential nutrients that a betta would require.

  • Can betta fish eat worms?

  • 鈥淲ild Betta fish are hardy and can eat almost anything in their environments, including worms, larvae of mosquitoes or other insects, and even smaller fish. The digestive system of the betta fish is specifically designed to handle a high protein diet. Bettas food should be at least 50% protein.

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