can you feed a cat catnip

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  • Is it normal for cats to eat catnip?

  • Although it鈥檚 more common for cats to react to the smell of catnip, they do sometimes choose to eat it. This is especially common if they鈥檙e rolling around in a place where it has been sprinkled. You shouldn鈥檛 worry if your cat does eat catnip because it鈥檚 perfectly safe in moderate amounts.

  • What are the health benefits of catnip?

  • Some health benefits of your cat using catnip include reducing stress and allowing your cat to relax. If your cat reacts to catnip in a playful manner, then catnip can be beneficial in encouraging play and activity. It can also be used to help reduce skin irritations among cats.

  • Does catnip keep mosquitos away?

  • Another benefit of using catnip is that most pests hate the scent of catnip, and therefore, it can be used to keep mosquitos away . When your cat smells or ingests catnip, it binds to certain receptors in your cat鈥檚 nose and mouth, which in turn send messages to your cat鈥檚 brain.

  • How long does it take for catnip to work?

  • Every cat is different in how they respond, but the reaction usually only lasts about ten minutes. Interestingly, cats can respond differently when they eat catnip compared to when they sniff it. When ingested, catnip can actually be a calming agent and cause your cat to wind down and chill out.

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