can you feed cats tuna everyday

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It’s not recommend

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  • Can cats eat tuna-flavored cat food?

  • Moreover, tuna-flavored cat food still smells and tastes like tuna, so it鈥檚 ideal for cats that crave tuna or cats with a poor appetite. Due to technological advancements, the most beneficial component of tuna (docosahexaenoic acid) can now be found in other foods.

  • Can I give my sick cat tuna?

  • Some cats are actually allergic to tuna! If you鈥檙e using tuna to coax your sick cat to eat, make sure your pet is under the care and supervision of a licensed veterinarian and that you鈥檝e discussed different options for re-feeding. Tuna can be high in mercury, and too much of a good thing can result in heavy metal toxicity.

  • How much tuna can a cat have a day?

  • If you鈥檙e feeding tuna as a treat, a little goes a long way. Mitzi doesn鈥檛 need a quarter of a can everyday. She can have a little piece a few times a week, provided it doesn鈥檛 cause vomiting and diarrhea. Some cats are actually allergic to tuna!

  • Can cats eat tuna in spring water?

  • Tuna can become addictive to cats due to its rich texture and strong aroma. There鈥檚 no harm in giving your cat tuna fish in spring water occasionally, but scientifically-formulated tuna-based cat food is recommended. 1 Why Do Cats Love Tuna So Much?

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