can you feed chickens raw meat

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  • Can you feed chickens meat?

  • Chickens are omnivores, which means they both eat meat and vegetables. Chickens are opportunistic eaters so they鈥檒l eat just any type of meat you give them. Before feeding them meat, it鈥檚 best to always cook it first. Cooked meat will make it easier for the chickens to eat and digest. Is It Safe to Feed Chickens Meat?

  • Can chickens eat raw vegetables?

  • In the wild, chickens eat all kinds of things, including insects, grubs, snails, mice, voles, snakes, fruit, nuts, seeds, and plants, including raw vegetables if they came across them. Some veggies, like beans, should be cooked before feeding to chickens, but in moderation, most others are fine.

  • Can chickens be fed a vegetarian diet?

  • Since chickens are omnivores they should get some type of meat and should not be fed a vegetarian diet. Animal protein is good for them. All my animals eat raw meat.

  • Do chickens eat raw meaty bones?

  • They are outside right now eating their raw meaty bones with about 10 chickens dashing in for the odd meat scrap. I was putting the canned food outside in the hay barn for the wild cats, without seeing the cats there first and I thought they were getting it BUT the chickens found it first.

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