can you feed dogs yogurt

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  • Can dogs eat yogurt 鈥?is yogurt good for dogs?

  • Yes, dogs with IBD can eat yogurt because it is an excellent source of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria. Dogs with IBD have imbalanced harmful and good bacteria in their gut. Giving a canine food rich in probiotics like yogurt can restore balance. Choosing plain, nonfat, or low-fat yogurt is essential. Can Dogs With Diabetes Eat Yogurt?

  • Can I give my Dog Greek yogurt with antibiotics?

  • Greek yogurt is actually extremely good for pups taking antibiotics, which can kill some of the good bacteria living in their gut. The probiotics found in Greek yogurt can also combat yeast infections, which can help dogs that suffer from reoccurring skin or ear infections.

  • How often can I give my Dog yogurt?

  • The age, size and health of the dog will have a large bearing on how you feed yogurt to them. You should not offer it more than one or two times a week (one time for smaller dogs, two for larger).

  • Can dogs eat yogurt for ear infection?

  • Giving the dog yogurt throughout a course of antibiotics will prevent yeast infection. Giving a long-eared dog like a Weimaraner or Bloodhound yogurt will help fight ear infections. How much Yogurt can a Dog Eat per Day? The amount of yogurt your dog can safely eat will also depend on the type of yogurt the dog gets to eat.

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