can you feed eggs to kittens

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  • Are eggs good for cats to eat?

  • Eggs are good sources of protein and fat, and cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they eat a diet of mostly animal protein. Eggs aren鈥檛 recommended as the sole dietary source of protein for your cat, but cats can eat eggs to supplement the protein in the rest of their diet.

  • How many eggs can I Feed my Cat?

  • With that in mind, here are a few general guidelines when it comes to feeding eggs to cats. A full egg is too much. One egg for a cat is the equivalent of about eight eggs for a human. Not an everyday treat. Eggs should not be fed to cats every day, as they are not nutritionally balanced. Raw eggs can be dangerous.

  • What human food can kittens eat?

  • Human foods safe for cats to eat include cheese, yoghurt, tinned tuna, rice, fruit (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mango, apples), vegetables (cucumber, cooked carrot, cooked broccoli). Can kittens eat eggs? Yes, kittens can eat a small amount of egg once they have weaned. Can cats eat other types of eggs?

  • What happens if a cat eats egg yolk?

  • Too much fat in a cat鈥檚 diet can cause pancreatitis, or add to an obesity problem. The yolks carry the highest amount of fat and cholesterol. So overweight cats, or cats with kidney issues, should not eat the egg yolks; even egg whites should be given as an occasional treat.

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