can you feed kittens regular milk

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Yes, kittens can drink regular milk. Kittens are born with a fully functional digestive system. Their stomachs are not ready to digest solid food until about two weeks after birth.

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  • Can kittens drink milk?

  • Kittens will drink milk if they are offered a bowl of milk. Actually the body of cat is not able to digest the lactose contained in the milk leading to indigestion, and diarrhea. The facts about cats is kittens should not drink milk. Once the cats are weaned most of them are intolerant to lactose in milk.

  • Do kittens need milk after weaning?

  • Actually, after weaning kittens do not require milk in their daily diet. You can still feed limited amount of cow鈥檚 milk if you need to or not at all. Water is actually what is needed for cats.

  • What kind of milk should I Feed my 4 week old kitten?

  • My suggestion is to mix water and boiled milk. ( half half). I鈥檓 actually really relieved to see this. I accidentally fed my 4 week old feral kittens that Whiskas lactose-free cow鈥檚 milk because it said for cats and kittens.

  • What do kittens eat after they are born?

  • During the nursing phase after birth, kittens need to drink milk from the mother cat to get much-needed antibodies, fat, protein and so on. As your furball enters the weaning phase, it would move from milk to solid food.

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