can you feed kittens regular milk

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Actually, after weaning kittens do not require milk in their daily diet.You can still feed limited amount of cow鈥檚 milkif you need to or not at all. Water is actually what is needed for cats. You need to feed kittens fresh and clean water regularly.

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  • Is it OK to give kittens milk?

  • The only time you might need to feed milk to kittens is if you have to bottle-feed them. Even then, you should steer clear from cow鈥檚 milk and only give specific kitten milk which has the right balance of nutrients. What types of milk can cats drink?

  • How much milk should a 5-day-old kitten drink?

  • To meet their calorie needs, a newborn requires around 14-15 mL of kitten replacement milk per day. This should be divided up into small, regular feeds. For example, 8 feeds daily of just under 2 mL. Thanks! The mother cat keeps leaving her five-day-old kittens at night. Should I leave them alone, or start feeding them?

  • Can Cats drink cow鈥檚 milk?

  • If you must offer your kittens or cats cow鈥檚 milk, proceed cautiously. Start with very small quantities to determine their tolerance for it, and offer it only occasionally. Is it Safe for Cats to Drink Milk?

  • What do kittens eat after they are born?

  • During the nursing phase after birth, kittens need to drink milk from the mother cat to get much-needed antibodies, fat, protein and so on. As your furball enters the weaning phase, it would move from milk to solid food.

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