can you feed piglets cows milk

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  • Can pigs eat sow鈥檚 milk?

  • The sow鈥檚 milk is a complete food for the piglets except for it lacks iron. Iron can be administered by injection in the first day or two. Another school of thought is that piglets get iron from rooting in the dirt. If the piglets are not kept on a concrete floor and have access to the earth, this may be all the iron they need.

  • How much milk should I give my piglets?

  • Your piglets are going to feel the same. Still, give them a bottle three times per day, but you can introduce pig feed. Keep giving milk through week five. At the end of five weeks, your piglets should be healthy, happy, and eating only pig chow. Congratulations!

  • What kind of milk do you feed your Piggies?

  • Pigs will utilize all milk that cannot be sold (Excess Colostrum and other), as well as utilizing leftover grain, silage, hay chaff swept out of cow feed bunks. Dairy cows left to their own devices tend to become spoiled and wasteful.

  • What do we feed the piglets?

  • The large pigs will see that wire and keep back giving the little piglets a space where they can eat in peace. We start creep feeding the piglets with yogurt, cottage cheese and bread. It is important not to feed them straight fresh cows milk since they can get scours, that is to say diarrhea.

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