can you feed quail chicken feed

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  • How do you feed quail?

  • To feed your quail, start by purchasing a high-quality quail feed from a feed store. If you can鈥檛 find quail feed, you can buy a chicken or turkey feed. Next, give adult quail at least 20-25 grams of food a day, making sure their food is broken up into bite-sized pieces. Then, supplement the food with vegetables, fruits, leaves, and other roughage.

  • Can You overfeed a quail?

  • Do not worry about overfeeding as quail will not continuously eat. If your quail are not getting enough protein, consider adding some starter/chick feed, or another feed that has 20% more protein. You can also add some turkey feed as well. Add crushed oyster shells or crushed egg shells to your quail’s feed.

  • How old do quail have to be to eat?

  • However, quail under the age of 8 weeks survive and grow due to protein-packed insects鈥?consumption. Once chicks turn eight weeks old, they are on their own and eating like an adult. Different Birds Need Different Things It may be tempting to feed quail other poultry feed types.

  • Can you raise quail and Chickens together?

  • When raising both chickens and quail together, you must know that the way you should feed them will differ. Some experienced quail farmers use chicken feedfor their quail, but they add elements to make up for the deficiency where required.

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