can you hand feed a leopard gecko

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  • Can I Feed my leopard gecko insects?

  • Unfortunately, you can鈥檛. It鈥檚 no secret that leopard geckos love and will indulge in many different kinds of insects, but because wild insects, in particular, can be toxic, feeding them to your gecko isn鈥檛 a possibility.

  • How to feed a gecko with tongs?

  • Tong feeding is a great way to ensure that your gecko can eat, and can also help you keep track of how much it is eating. Start by picking up the food item (such as a live cricket or a waxworm) with a pair of tongs. Make sure to grasp it near one end so that your gecko has plenty to latch onto.

  • What to do if your gecko is not eating?

  • If your lizard can smell or feel the food, it may be able to latch on with little help from you. Assist feed your gecko if necessary. If your gecko is refusing to eat, doesn鈥檛 like the food you are offering (e.g., insects dusted with vitamin supplements), or needs medication, you may need to do an assist feeding.

  • Can geckos eat mealworms?

  • To make your gecko鈥檚 food extra nutritious, give all feeder insects a rich and varied diet of grains, vegetables, fruits, and high-quality flake fish food before offering them to your gecko. Some good food options for geckos include crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and superworms.

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