can you put weed and feed on new grass

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  • Should I use Weed and feed or fertilizer?

  • Adding the stress of a salty fertilizer is too much and can burn the grass plants. However, if you want to apply an organic fertilizer, you can do that any day of the year without worry of salt stress on the grass. Secondarily another reason not to use weed and feed is that the weeds die best when they are well fertilized.

  • Can you plant grass seed in a weedy lawn?

  • Grass seed can be planted in a weedy lawn. However, if the weeds are very thick, you will get better results if you deal with the weeds first. If there are just a few weeds, pull the largest ones, then apply the grass seed. How can I prevent weeds when planting grass? We鈥檝e all heard the saying, 鈥淎n ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!鈥?/div>Planting Grass Seed Over Existing Weeds | Obsessed Lawn

  • When can I plant grass seed after applying weed and feed?

  • The best time to plant grass seed after applying weed and feed depends on whether the weed and feed used contained a pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicide. For weed and feed products containing post-emergent, systemic weed killers, you can plant grass seed as soon as two weeks after application.

  • Do weed and feed products kill grass seed?

  • Also, some weed and feed products are non-selective, pre-emergent herbicides targeted at preventing weed seeds from sprouting. As such, when they鈥檙e applied on a recently seeded lawn even before the grass seeds germinate, they鈥檒l kill the weed seeds as well as the grass seeds.

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