do not feed the bears

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Because an aggressive bear becomes much too dangerous for the human population. These deaths can be avoided in most circumstances if we simply donotfeedthebears. Let鈥檚 put an end to, 鈥淎 fed bearis a dead bear!鈥?Keep your food away from the bears.

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  • What is do not feed the Bear about?

  • It’s a trip that turns out to be life-changing – and not only for herself. DO NOT FEED THE BEAR is a book about lives not yet lived, about the kindness of others and about how, when our worlds stop, we find a way to keep on moving.

  • How are Don’t Feed the Bears T-shirts made?

  • Howdy! Our T-Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton posted to you in biodegradable packaging. Also… they rock! Each order is gift wrapped by Lucy (she’s a busy bear!) in our custom Don’t Feed the Bears biodegradable paper.

  • Is a fed bear a dead bear?

  • A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear A bear that loses its fear of people and develops a taste for human food, never lives as long as bears that fear people and eat what nature provides. When left alone, black bears pose very little threat to people.

  • Can Park Rangers issue citations for feeding bears?

  • Park rangers can and will issue citations for littering, feeding bears, and not storing your food properly. Why not just view the wildlife from a safe distance of 50 yards (150 feet) or more, and never ever leave food unattended, or left as garbage on the ground.

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