do not feed the bears

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Because an aggressive bear becomes much too dangerous for the human population. These deaths can be avoided in most circumstances if we simply donotfeedthebears. Let鈥檚 put an end to, 鈥淎 fed bearis a dead bear!鈥?Keep your food away from the bears.

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  • Who is behind Don鈥檛 Feed the Bears?

  • I鈥檓 Lucy – illustrator founder of Don鈥檛 Feed the Bears t-shirt brand. If you鈥檝e ever worn a DFTB t-shirt then you鈥檝e worn one of my designs鈥?/div>T-Shirts with Bears on – Don’t Feed the Bears

  • Can you feed bears on the lakeshore?

  • Do not feed the bears! Storing your food Every person who visits the Lakeshore has a chance to keep bears (and all wildlife) wild by making sure their food, beverages, and trash are stored properly. A single taste of human food or trash is enough to turn a wild bear into a food-conditioned bear.

  • Why do bears approach people for food?

  • However, after a bear receives food from a human, it loses its instinctive fear of people. The desire for easy food overcomes its fear. Without this 鈥榖uilt in鈥?fear, the bear approaches people in search for a quick meal.

  • Is a fed bear a dead bear?

  • A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear A bear that loses its fear of people and develops a taste for human food, never lives as long as bears that fear people and eat what nature provides. When left alone, black bears pose very little threat to people.

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