do not feed the ducks

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Don鈥檛 Feed the Ducks. Giving food to ducks and geese (waterfowl)can create many problems for birds and the environment,and both Mass Audubon and the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MDFW) discourage it. The notion that waterfowl cannot survive without human intervention is false.

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  • Why should you stop feeding the Ducks at Woods Mill?

  • Sussex Wildlife Trust is urging people to stop feeding the ducks at Woods Mill nature reserve because excess bread is polluting the lake and harming wildlife. Nutrient pollution caused by large amounts of bread and other food being thrown into the lake can cause harmful algal blooms, which deplete the lake鈥檚 oxygen and kill off aquatic wildlife.

  • Is it OK to feed ducks at the pond?

  • F eeding the birds can be fun鈥攖 he problem is that feeding ducks and geese at the pond is much more detrimental than most of us think. Giving your local aquatic wildlife food from your pantry not only alters their diet, but changes the environment, too. Here鈥檚 why we should just let the ducks get by on their own.

  • Is it bad for ducks to be fed manufactured food?

  • When birds are fed small amounts of manufactured food, it doesn鈥檛 hurt, but when everyone is coming to the dock to feed the ducks, it becomes a substantial part of their diet and pretty harmful to their health.

  • Why is bread bad for the Ducks?

  • Excess bread is also harmful to the ducks and can cause malnutrition, disease and bad behaviour. We are now seeing a large group of last year鈥檚 ducklings constantly roaming the reserve in search of people who might feed them, rather than exhibiting natural behaviour.

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