do not feed wildlife

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Do Not Feed Wildlife.Wasting Disease become more prevalent. Photo by Jeremy Hurst. Numerous problems arise when we feed wildlife. The intention may be to have a closer encounter with wildlife,to help animals in the winter,or to increase the number of available game animals. However,feeding wildlife interferes with a natural healthy balance …

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  • Why should we not feed wild animals?

  • Why Feeding Wildlife Does More Harm than Good. Wildlife feeding threatens human and animal safety. As wild animals are fed they become used to the presence of people. Animals like coyotes and black bears can become a potential threat and can harm both humans and pets.

  • What are the disadvantages of wildlife feeding?

  • Wildlife feeding may cause malnutrition in wildlife. Human foods do not offer a healthy diet for animals. Animals may readily consume foods like corn and bread. These foods provide an animal with little nutrition and may disrupt the digestive system.

  • Is it illegal to touch and feed wild animals?

  • It鈥檚 often illegal to touch and feed wild animals and can result in a hefty fine and even jail time. If you care about wild animals, please don鈥檛 feed them. Let鈥檚 spread this message and stop feeding and endangering wild animals. I鈥檇 love it if you could add this to your Pinterest board so we can protect animals and keep them healthy.

  • Should animals be allowed to live without being fed?

  • Animals can still become used to the presence of people without being fed, allowing people to observe wild animals at close proximity without unnecessary interference. Providing a regular artificial food source can lead to too many animals living in an area, putting extra pressure on natural food sources.

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