how does feeding tube work

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Tube feeding,or enteral nutrition,can be given through the tube toprovide carbohydrates,protein,and fats to the body without requiring the patient to swallow or chew. Providing fluids: Water can be provided through a feeding tube to keep the patient hydrated without needing to give IV fluids.

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  • What is a feeding tube used for?

  • A feeding tube is used to deliver nutrition directly into the stomach or the intestine for people who can’t swallow food on their own.

  • What happens when you get a feeding tube in your stomach?

  • Your doctors will watch you closely for any signs of infection, bleeding, or other complications. Your doctor will tape the feeding tube to your belly. You might see some drainage around it for the first day or two.

  • How do feeding tubes remove air in the stomach?

  • Decompressing the stomach: Some feeding tubes can be used to remove air in the stomach. Suction connected to the tubes can remove gas, reducing distention (enlargement) and bloating. 1 Removing stomach contents: Undigested food sitting in the stomach can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and bloating.

  • How do you push formula through a feeding tube?

  • Most people use gravity or a pump to drip the formula continuously into the stomach. Another way, called bolus feeding, uses a pump or syringe to push the formula several times a day, similar to mealtimes. Usually, your feeding tube won鈥檛 need to be replaced for several months.

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