how long after molt feed tarantula

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7-10 days

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  • How long does it take for a tarantula to recover from molting?

  • Depending on the species, it takes anywhere from a week to two weeks before its exoskeleton has reached its normal hardness, which should be the only time you handle your tarantula, if at all. How long should I wait with feeding my tarantula after molting?

  • Should I spray my tarantula with water when molting?

  • Neither should you spray water on it during the molting process, even if hydration plays an important role in the spiders molting. All you have to do to help your tarantula get through its molting, is making sure you execute your normal caretaking tasks.

  • What happens if a tarantula does not have enough nutrition?

  • If a tarantula has not had enough nutrition. They also have problems shedding Their old exoskeleton, and may also have a high risk of molting injuries. Another common problem that can hurt the tarantulas during molting, is to get stuck, one or more legs in the old shell.

  • Can a tarantula get stuck in its exoskeleton?

  • The tarantula can get stuck in its own exoskeleton and eventually die from it. Tarantulas have evolved to molt without problems, though, when the right circumstances are present. The most important factor in a successful molt, is that a tarantula should be sufficiently hydrated.

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