how long should you feed a golden retriever puppy food

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How long do you feed a golden retriever puppy food? Because they may take more time to mature than smaller breeds,Golden Retrievers may need puppy food until18 months to 2 years of age. Look for a puppy food formula with DHA to nourish brain and vision development.

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  • How much to feed a golden retriever puppy?

  • Golden Retriever Puppy Feeding Chart Puppy Age Amount of Food Two Months Old 1 Cups Per Day Three Months Old 2 Cups Per Day Four Months Old 2 Cups Per Day Five to Six Months Old 3 Cups Per Day 1 more rows …

  • When to change the food for a golden retriever puppy?

  • Feeding a golden retriever puppy typically starts with continuing to feed the food your breeder or the rescue center has been feeding. Even if you ultimately want to change your puppy鈥檚 food, veterinarians and breeders typically agree it is best to wait about a month before starting the food transition.

  • Can Golden Retriever puppies eat raw food?

  • If you don鈥檛 prefer commercial foods for your pup, raw feeding is possible for a Golden Retriever puppy, so long as you consult your vet and adhere to guidelines. Make sure that the raw food, especially meat and other perishables, are handled properly.

  • What should a 7 week old golden retriever puppy be eating?

  • 7 Week Old Golden Retriever Puppy By 7 weeks, your golden retriever puppy should be eating puppy food throughout the day. He should also still be receiving some mother鈥檚 milk, though some breeders are keener on having the pups wean sooner so they can be rehomed sooner.

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