how many does a duck feed

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How many people does a whole duck serve? One whole duck serves3-4 people. If used in a salad, stir-fry or casserole, one whole duck will feed 5-6 people.

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  • How many people will a 5 pound duck feed?

  • There is no way a 5 pound duck will feed 6-8 people. Duck is not nearly as meaty as chicken, and the wings and drumsticks are exceedingly scrawny.

  • How to feed a duckling?

  • Ducks are considered as a good pet and egg or meat source. So, if farmer wants to raise ducks, they must have to feed them properly. In this case, feeding ducklings is very important because baby ducks become very weak and sensitive. After the birth of ducklings, farmer should provide wet started mash for eight weeks.

  • How much protein does a duck need in its feed?

  • Egg productive duck breeds need 16-18 percent protein in their feed. 14-16 percent protein needs non-laying adults in their feed. Too much protein can cause of angel wing that causes the wing, feathers to stick up.

  • What do ducks eat in the winter?

  • A fenced in backyard area of small green space is all you need to create a source of numerous bugs and naturally grown or planted leafy greens as well as recommended fruits and vegetables for ducks to eat. Ducks can safely eat standard chicken feed, game bird feed, or waterfowl feed.

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