how many does a duck feed

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170 to 200 grams

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  • How much do ducks eat per day?

  • A mature duck should consume between 170 to 200 grams (about six to seven ounces) of feed per day. Ducks being raised as meat birds as well as especially large breeds being raised for eggs, such as the Jumbo Pekin breed, should have their daily feed ration increased by several ounces. Types Of Poultry Bird Feed

  • Can ducks eat chicken feed?

  • 1. Bird Feed. Yes, plain old bird seed will make your ducks happy as can be. They love seeds. But you can also buy chicken feed too. I would go with whichever is the most cost effective. But your ducks will eat scratch-grains or any other grains that you would feed your chickens. Ducks also love layer feed.

  • How much water do my Ducks drink?

  • Ducks drink about four cups of water a day. But, they will splash and play in as much water as you give them! Be sure to provide several water tubs for your ducks.

  • What do ducks eat in the winter?

  • A fenced in backyard area of small green space is all you need to create a source of numerous bugs and naturally grown or planted leafy greens as well as recommended fruits and vegetables for ducks to eat. Ducks can safely eat standard chicken feed, game bird feed, or waterfowl feed.

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