how many does a half ham feed

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There are quarter hams (they serve four to six people), halfhams(they come in five sizes 鈥?six to ten pounds), whole hams(you could serve a party of 36), and boneless hams (which don鈥檛 have that signature, around-the-bone, spiral cut). How many will a 7lb Honey Baked Hamfeed? 7 lbs. (serves 10-14)

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  • How many people will a 9 pound Ham feed?

  • A 9 pound ham should comfortably feed 12 people. Not only do we cover how many pounds of ham per person you鈥檙e going to want to buy, but we also cover what to think about when buying and whether or not you want to cook the ham you鈥檝e purchased, too. Let鈥檚 dig right in! 1 How Many Pounds of Ham Per Person, On Average? 3 To Cook or Not Cook Your Ham?

  • How many calories are in a half-pound Ham?

  • The average ham loses about 15.4% to 22.6% of its weight when baking, so remember that purchasing a raw half-pound serving per person doesn’t equate to half a pound of baked ham on a plate. If your family has some big ham fans, up the quantity. Keep in mind that a 3-ounce serving of cooked ham, i.e. a quarter-pound, is 130 calories .

  • How many pounds of HoneyBaked Ham do I need per person?

  • The best rule of thumb for ham is to plan about 1/2 pound per person when picking a bone-in ham (it鈥檚 heavier) and 1/3 pound if boneless. How much is a 9 lb HoneyBaked Ham?

  • How much does a whole Ham weigh?

  • Whole bone-in hams typically weigh between 10 pounds and 18 pounds, boneless or spiral sliced hams weighing in at 7 pounds and 10 pounds.

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