how many does a quart of potato salad feed

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  • How many pounds of potato salad does it take to feed?

  • First we should solve how many pounds of potato salad it takes to feed one person. In this case we know 3 pounds feeds 10 people. If we divide 3 pounds by 10 people we get 0.3 pounds of potato salad per person. If X is number of people and Y is the pounds of potato salad Y= (0.3 pounds per person) (X).

  • How many potatoes do I need to feed 14 people?

  • So, working on an average-sized potato you would need 1.25 potatoes per person. So for 14 people, you would need to use 18 potatoes to make enough mashed potato for everyone. How many does a pound of potato salad feed?

  • How many servings is 25 pounds of potatoes?

  • Chart of Food Estimates FOOD SERVE 25 SERVE 50 Peas (fresh) 12 pounds 25 pounds Potatoes 9 pounds 18 pounds Potato salad 3 quarts 1鈥?/2 gallons Salad dressing 3 cups 1鈥?/2 quarts. How many servings is 5 lbs of potatoes? A 5-pound bag of potatoes makes 10 to 12 servings of mashed potatoes.

  • How many containers of potato salad for a large group size?

  • How many containers of potato salad for a large group size These are the exact measurements of containers you need for your large-sized group: For a group of 55 people: Container size: 48 ounce

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