how many does an 8 inch cake feed

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  • How many people does a 6-inch cake feed?

  • A square 6-inch cake can feed up to 18 people as it is bigger than round shapes. So, you can typically get around 8 party slices and 10 wedding slices from a 6-inch cake. A few unusual sizes such as heart shape, hexagonal and octagonal also exist for niche markets.

  • How many servings are in an 8 inch round cake?

  • For example: An 8 round cake – 3 / 4 /6 tall will give you 24 servings but An 8 round cake – 2 tall will give you only 12 servings. An 8 round cake – party servings – 9 servings

  • What is the average size of a cake serving?

  • For the purposes of this chart, party serving amounts are based on cake slices that measure about 1 x 2 inches in size. Wedding servings are based on slices that measure about 1 x 2 inches in size. Remember that number of servings are intended as a guide only. Actual results may vary.

  • What is the diameter of a 9 inch cake?

  • A round 9-inch cake is exactly 63.5 square inches in diameter. This size is able to handle eight cups of cake batter, which is important to know if you鈥檙e baking the cake from home. How many people do 8-inch cakes feed?

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