how many eggs can i feed my dog

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One egg per day

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  • How many eggs can a dog eat in a day?

  • With an average weight of around 130 pounds and needing about 2 hours of exercise a day, these dogs will need to eat around 2700 calories per day and around 770g of kibble. And they could safely eat two medium sized eggs per day.

  • Can dogs eat eggshells?

  • So if you do feed your dog eggs, ensure you give them the whole egg. Not just the egg whites. Yes, dogs can eggshells. They are actually a good source of calcium. However, it would take a large volume of eggshells to get any significant amount of calcium.

  • Can puppies eat raw eggs?

  • To wrap this up, YES, puppies can eat raw (or cooked) eggs. If your puppy is new to eating eggs, I suggest starting slow with cooked eggs. Boiled (hard or soft) and poached eggs are the healthiest AND you can split them up to feed over several meals for a puppy or small dog.

  • Can I give my Dog eggs?

  • My vet always recommends eggs to people who need to supplement their dog’s food for one reason or another because they are a great source of protein.

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