how much do i feed my new puppy

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Throughout the first year, you should be feeding your puppy between3% and 10% of their overall body weight each day. To figure out the amount for your particular puppy, you would simply multiply their current weight with the decimal of the recommended percentage.

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  • How many times a day should you feed a puppy?

  • The frequency of feeding puppies goes down to 3 times per day at around 3 to 6 months of age, and 2 times per day at around 6 to 12 months. After about a year, most puppies can transition to a nutritionally balanced adult dog food diet 2 times per day. Check the back of your puppy鈥檚 food packaging to get accurate portion sizes for his weight.

  • How do I know how much to feed my puppy?

  • Feeding charts often look at how much to feed a puppy by weight. Some of these will use cups, and some will use a more specific measurement, like grams. Here are two examples for you to take a look at.

  • How many cups of food should a 20 pound puppy eat?

  • A 20 lbs puppy for large breeds such as a GSD, Retriever, or Lab should be getting 2.75 鈥?3 cups per day 鈥?all large breed puppy food bags specifies this. So if you feed 3 times per day it should be about 1 cup per feeding.

  • How much food should a 6 month old puppy eat?

  • By week 3 鈥?4, your puppy鈥檚 meals should be mostly crunchy kibble. At week 7, he should be fully transitioned onto the dry dog food. At 6 to 12 months establish regular eating times. Start serving 2 feedings per day.

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