how much do you feed a kitten

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Here are some tips to keep in mind for your kitten鈥檚 feeding schedule:Cats naturally eat multiple small meals throughout the day.At a minimum,offer food to 4-6-month-old kittens three times daily.By 10 months of age,two meals per day is the minimum.However,up to six small meals is even better!

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  • How much to feed a 4 week old kitten?

  • How much to feed a kitten (4 weeks old, 8 weeks old, or 3 months) will be mentioned based on the age and weight. At the beginning start feeding the amount mentioned on the food label. You must feed half wet food and half dry food in the starting, therefore divide their ration accordingly.

  • Do I need a feeding chart for my kitten?

  • Feeding charts are required on all kitten food packaging, but they don鈥檛 all look the same. Pay close attention to the chart on your kitten鈥檚 food label to ensure you鈥檙e feeding her the right amount based on her age and weight. Here鈥檚 a sample kitten feeding chart, similar to what you鈥檒l find on kitten food labels:

  • How many times a day should I bottle feed my kitten?

  • Mimic this feeding schedule when bottle feeding, gradually reducing the feeding frequency to 4-6 feedings per day by the time your kitten reaches three weeks of age. Kittens usually begin the weaning process around their 4th week.

  • How many calories should a kitten eat per day?

  • Growing kittens may need 250-280 calories per day, with larger breeds like Maine Coons and Ragdolls requiring as many as 360 calories daily. How Often Should You Feed Your 8-16-Week-Old Kitten?

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