how much does it cost to feed a chicken

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$15 per month

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  • How much does a bag of chicken feed cost?

  • In example, a 50-pound bag of standard chicken feed costs between $12 and $15. For 50 pounds of non-GMO organic chicken feed, expect to pay about $30 each bag. How much does a bag of chicken feed cost with this in mind? Each mature chicken consumes around a quarter pound of feed each day.

  • How much to feed chickens per day?

  • How Much To Feed Chickens Per Day According to Pam Freeman over at the blog I Am Countryside, a good rule of thumb is to start out with 4 to 6 ounces of feed per chicken per day. Try feeding your chickens and adjusting the amount of feed as needed. If you notice that the food rapidly disappears, it might be time to add a bit more.

  • How much does it cost to buy a chicken?

  • According to our research, we had found the average chicken, if it were to eat one-fourth of a pound of food per day, would cost close to $0.18 per day. If purchasing by the ton, the costs could be well within the $500 range, depending on the local market conditions.

  • Do chicken feeders affect feeding costs?

  • Chickens will scratch at food, flinging it onto the ground and if the pieces are too small or get wet, and the chickens won鈥檛 always go back to eat what鈥檚 spilled. Chicken feeders don鈥檛 alter how much your flock eats, but they might reduce how much feed gets wasted. What Can I Do To Reduce Feeding Costs?

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