how much food should you feed a cat a day

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1/3 to 1/2 cup

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  • How often should you feed a kitten?

  • Although the food you feed your cat should be complete and balanced, the simple answer to how often you should feed him is that there isn’t a simple answer. Kittens require more food per pound of body weight to support their growth than do adult cats, and therefore should be fed more often throughout the day.

  • How many calories should I Feed my Cat?

  • Cat Feeding Chart Age Approximate Weight Amount per Feeding 8-9 weeks 1.5 鈥?2.6 pounds 250-360 calories per day 9-10 weeks 1.6 鈥?2.9 pounds 250-360 calories per day 10-11 weeks 1.8 鈥?3.1 pounds 250-360 calories per day 11-12 weeks 2 鈥?3.3 pounds 250-360 calories per day 19 more rows …

  • What is the best way to feed my cat?

  • Some owners serve a mixture of dry and wet foods – some cats prefer wet food in the morning and to have dry food left out during the day to graze on. Try your cat with both to see which they prefer.

  • How much wet food should I Feed my Cat?

  • You can program the bowl to dispense fresh wet food for your cat at designated times during the day. For example, if your veterinarian recommends giving your cat 250 calories per day, you鈥檒l want to feed her two meals with a total of 125 calories in each.

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