how much pellets to feed a guinea pig

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1/8 cup of pellets

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  • Can you feed a guinea pig too many pellets?

  • Feed your guinea pig pellets. Be aware pellets are high energy, and eating too many can lead to obesity and dental problems. Feed only a 1/8 cup per day to supplement the other parts of its diet. Look for pellets that are supplemented with vitamin C.

  • How much should I Feed my guinea pigs?

  • One guinea pig needs unlimited hay, 1/8 cup of pellets (so 1/4 for two), and around one cup of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. Never feed your pets with anything else other than pellets, hay, and fresh vegetables, as described in the article.

  • What is the best food for guinea pigs?

  • The best guinea pig food contains the right balance of ingredients to help your guinea pig thrive and this food will complement the rest of their diet. The pellets we recommend for your guinea pigs are: Small Pet Select Premium Guinea Pig Food Pellets 鈥?Excellent quality Timothy hay based pellets 15% discount code here鈥?/div>Best Guinea Pig Pellet Food 2021 – A Complete Guide By

  • What do guinea pigs need to survive?

  • Therefore, every day, guinea pigs need access to hay (unlimited supply), pellets, fresh vegetables, and fruits (in limited quantities). Likewise, make sure that your pet always has clean and fresh water in the water bottle. While some people give all this food in one serving, others feed their guinea pigs with fruits and vegetables twice a day.

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