how much raw to feed my dog

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  • How much raw dog food should I Feed my Puppy?

  • As we’ve said, a general rule with raw dog food, in order to sustain a dog’s ideal bodyweight, you should be feeding your adult dog between 2-3% of its ideal bodyweight per day. However, it’s a very different story for growing puppies as we detail below. Use careful observation as your puppy develops.

  • How much should I Feed my 50lb dog?

  • This translates to about pound of food for every 25 pounds that your dog weighs. So, for a 50lb dog that鈥檚 1 to 1-1/2 pounds of food a day (depending on the factors discussed above).

  • Does raw dog food make dogs lose weight?

  • Raw dog food may cause your dog to lose weight 鈥?even if it鈥檚 not your intention. Especially if you鈥檙e switching your dog from processed pet food to 100% raw. This is because raw foods are assimilated differently than starch-based pet foods.

  • Can you calculate raw dog food volume using calories?

  • Using calories to calculate raw dog food volume can be more tedious. But most importantly, it isn鈥檛 something all raw feeders can execute. Finding reliable nutrition data for raw dog food can be difficult. It can seem next to impossible to find the calorie count for popular items in a raw diet like:

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