how much should i feed my 8 month old husky

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A: The amount of food you should feed your husky depends on the size of the husky. For a small sized husky, it is recommended to give them about1/2 cup per day. For a medium sized husky, it is recommended to give them about 3/4 cup per day.

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  • How much food should a 5 month old Husky puppy eat?

  • You should feed your 5-month-old Siberian Husky puppy 2.6 cups of dry dog food (kibble) every day. Ration this food into two or three separate portions and give it to your Siberian Husky puppy over the day.

  • How many times a day should I Feed my husky?

  • Generally, a husky puppy should be given food 3 times a day until adulthood when you can put him to 2 meals a day. Unlike other breeds, huskies will not overeat normally and will not eat if they are not hungry. Ideally, you should feed your dog at least 2 hours before any rigorous exercise.

  • How much should a 8 year old Husky puppy weigh?

  • The typical weight for a 8-year-old Siberian Husky puppy is 47.5 lbs (21.5 kg). Our recommendation on how much food to feed your Siberian Husky also assumes that you feed your Siberian Husky dog food of that contains 389 kilocalories of energy per cup.

  • How to take care of a 1 week old Husky puppy?

  • In the first weeks, your husky puppy will eat, sleep, poop, socialize with you a little bit and repeat. You can adapt your puppy to a new type of dog food by adding small amounts (about 10%) of new food to the previous food until you feed him 100% new food.

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