how much should i feed my 8 month old husky

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  • How much should a 9 month old Husky puppy eat?

  • Feeding quality food to the Siberian between 2-9 months is very important as this is the main growth phase for this dog. Generally, a husky should be fed three times when he is a puppy. With time, he will automatically switch to two meals per day.

  • How many times a day should I Feed my husky?

  • Generally, a husky puppy should be given food 3 times a day until adulthood when you can put him to 2 meals a day. Unlike other breeds, huskies will not overeat normally and will not eat if they are not hungry. Ideally, you should feed your dog at least 2 hours before any rigorous exercise.

  • How do you feed a husky puppy?

  • Feeding a Husky puppy starts with decisions about kibble versus wet food, and whether to try raw or home cooked meals. Changes to feeding a Husky puppy must happen gradually. The number of meals they have a day, and the portion size at each sitting also needs to be appropriate with their age.

  • How to take care of a 1 week old Husky puppy?

  • In the first weeks, your husky puppy will eat, sleep, poop, socialize with you a little bit and repeat. You can adapt your puppy to a new type of dog food by adding small amounts (about 10%) of new food to the previous food until you feed him 100% new food.

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