how much to feed your betta

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2-3 pellets 1-2 times daily

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  • How many pellets to feed a Betta?

  • I would compare it to bloodworm pellets and say that 3 pellets is enough food for one feeding. That is how much I feed my Betta per feeding. Make sure that your fish gets that food if you have other fish in the tank as another tank mate might eat the food on the Betta.

  • Can I Feed my betta fish every other day?

  • So, the answer to this question is yes you can feed betta fish every other day. But betta fish are known for their slow metabolism, so they only eat about twice per day. If you feed your betta fish every other day, you will see that they grow well and are healthy.

  • How much to feed a Siamese betta fish?

  • Betta fish do not require very much food. As with all small fish their stomachs are tiny so to fill it with food will not take very much. A Siamese fighting fish鈥檚 stomach is about the size of one of its eye balls so as far as quantity goes the amount to feed a Betta is not very much.

  • What is the best betta fish food?

  • Ranked in order, the best betta food is live, frozen, freeze-dried, pellets, and flakes. Feeding a variety of different foods will provide the array of nutrients a betta fish needs to thrive. How much to feed your betta fish can depend on their individual activity level, but 2-3 pellets 1-2 times daily is a safe amount.

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