how often do i feed my 2 month old puppy

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Three times per day

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  • When can I start feeding my puppy twice a day?

  • PetMD recommends you stick to a feeding schedule like this until the puppy reaches 14-18 weeks of age. At about four months of age, dog owners can transition to feeding their puppy two meals a day. Regardless of age, have fresh water available at all times.

  • How much food should a 2 month old puppy eat?

  • You should feed a 2-month-old puppy the same thing it has been fed at the breeder, and only then gradually change it to a more fitting diet over the next 2-3 weeks. Depending on who you listen to, some people will tell you to feed them three-quarters of a cup of puppy food twice a day.

  • How much to feed a 2-month-old puppy?

  • The simplest approach to remember how much to feed a puppy is to make a puppy feeding chart that fits your puppy鈥檚 breed and maturation weight. Your 2-month-old puppy should be fed three times per day, according to the guidelines provided on your pet food box, which are based on your puppy鈥檚 weight and the amount of food you should feed them.

  • What is an easy puppy feeding schedule?

  • An easy puppy feeding schedule to follow is to feed him when you eat鈥攁t breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remember to feed him early in the evenings so he has time to digest his food before bedtime.

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