how often do you feed guppies

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Two times a day

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  • How much to feed guppies flakes?

  • Article SummaryX. You should feed guppies flake food that is made for tropical fish. If your fish are adults, feed them a pinch of food 1 or 2 times a day to ensure they don鈥檛 overeat. Only give them as much food as they can finish in 1 minute.

  • What do guppies eat?

  • Beef heart 鈥?This food is better served to guppy fry, not adults, due to its high-fat content. You can also mix it with shrimp, spirulina powder, egg yolk, etc., to boost its nutritive qualities. What to Feed Guppies When Out of Food?

  • How to take care of a guppy fish?

  • Feeding Adult Guppies Purchase flake food made for tropical fish. You can purchase flake food at a pet store or fish shop to use as a basic, daily food supply. Feed the guppies a pinch of flake food once or twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night, leaving a twelve hour difference between the two.

  • How long can guppies go without food?

  • Guppies, even juveniles, can go a week or two without being fed and do just fine. If you鈥檙e worried about them, get them a vacation block, a pre-formed block that dissolves slowly, releasing a small amount of food each day; or have a friend drop by and feed them once a day.

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