how often do you feed tarantulas

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How often to feed your tarantula is therefore not an easy question to answer, and can depend on a range of different factors including species, lifestage and even the temperature that your spider is kept at. As a very broad rule I would suggest that juveniles are fedtwice a week, and adults once a week.

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  • How often do you feed a tarantula Chow?

  • No one sells 鈥淭arantula Chow鈥? and there are a plethora of feeder insect that would make a good meal for your new pet. There are no 鈥減ortions鈥? and determining what size item to drop in with your hungry spider can be cause for stress. As for a feeding schedule, some healthy adult species only need to be fed once a week.

  • How often do tarantulas eat crickets?

  • Feed full-grown tarantulas 1 cricket every 10-14 days, although some adults may abstain from food for up to a month. If you have a baby, feed it 1-2 times per week to keep it healthy.

  • Can I Feed my tarantula live food after molting?

  • Feeding your tarantula live food after molting is also acceptable, especially for prey that is less dangerous. Some prey may attack your tarantula so only feeding them 鈥榟armless鈥?meals such as cockroaches, mealworms and super worms is a good idea.

  • What do pet tarantulas eat?

  • Most pet tarantulas are fed primarily on a diet of insects. In the pet trade these are generally known collectively as 鈥渇eeder insects鈥?or 鈥渓ivefood鈥? There are a broad range of such feeder insects available, such as locusts, crickets and cockroaches.

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