how often should you feed a snake

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7 鈥?14 days

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  • How often to feed a corn snake?

  • Understanding the corn snake diet is easy (all they do is eat small mice), but you may wonder how often to feed a corn snake. Adult corn snakes should be fed every 7-10 days or 1-2 prey animals every 1-2 weeks. Baby corn snakes need to eat slightly more at 1 prey animal (pinkie mouse) every 5-7 days.

  • Do snakes need to eat every day?

  • Snakes do not need to eat every day, and in fact they will not. If your new snake is refusing food, then you are probably feeding it too often. And if you feed your snake live prey (which is not always a necessity), the prey animal can injure and even kill your snake, especially if the reptile is not in the mood to eat.

  • How often should you handle your pet snake?

  • However, you should be well aware of when and for how long you should handle your snake to keep you and them from harm. Depending on the type of snake, you can handle your snake anywhere from once per week to every day. Snakes that are skittish should be handled less frequently to get them used to it gently.

  • How long can you handle a baby snake?

  • Especially a new snake or baby/juvenile snake will still be skittish and you may find that you can only handle them for a few minutes at a time before they become too stressed.

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