how often should you feed a snake

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7 鈥?14 days

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  • How often should you feed baby snakes?

  • Younger and smaller snakes should be fed twice a week, while more mature, and larger snakes need to eat once every week. More active snakes also require more frequent meals. Young snakes are still growing and developing, so it鈥檚 not a surprise that they naturally need to eat more often. Baby snakes, in particular, need to be fed every other day.

  • How often should I Feed my ball python?

  • As an example, young ball pythons eat at least once or twice per week. An adult python usually does not require food until 10 to 14 days after its last meal. You should adjust the frequency of feedings based on a few factors. If you are offering your snake food and it refuses to eat, it probably means you need to space out the feedings.

  • How often do snakes go without eating?

  • This varies wildly, to give an example it is anywhere between every 5 days to occasionally going 6+ month without a meal. Snakes do not have a diet plan that they must adhere to, there it is not set in stone, but a healthy snake will take the chance to eat more often than not when the chance of catch their prey presents itself.

  • What do snakes eat?

  • What snakes eat depends on what type of species they are, but one fact that applies to all snakes is that they鈥檙e all carnivores. So, the typical preys include rabbits, lizards, rodents, birds, turtles, frogs, and even other snakes. However, not all snakes prey on all the above mentioned.

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