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  • How to clean up your Facebook news feed without unfriending people?

  • Here are some quick ways to clean up your Facebook news feed without actually unfriending people. 1. Unfollow, Take a Break, or Snooze 2. Hide Post- See Fewer Posts Like This 3. Stop Seeing Posts from Groups Pages 4. Reduce Personalized Ads 5. Report a Post 6. Prioritize Who to See First

  • How can I make my Facebook news feed stay tidy?

  • If you keep on top of things and get rid of posts you no longer want to see as they appear, your News Feed will stay nice and tidy. How much you enjoy Facebook is entirely down to the quality of your News Feed.

  • How do I filter my posts on Facebook?

  • The easiest way to do this is by filtering your Facebook posts. You can do this by: Visit your Profile page and click on the three dots next to the blue 鈥淎dd to Your Story鈥?button Click 鈥楳anage Activity鈥?at the top. Click 鈥榊our Posts鈥?then 鈥楩ilters鈥?to filter by date range.

  • How do I take a break from someone on Facebook?

  • To take a break, open the person鈥檚 profile, tap three dots and click on 鈥楩riends.鈥?Then, select 鈥楾ake a Break.鈥?Snooze: Snoozing a person prevents you from seeing their posts in your news feed for 30 days. To Snooze someone, tap the three-dot menu on the post in your news feed and click on 鈥淪nooze person鈥檚 name for 30 days.鈥?/div>6 Ways to Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed Without Unfriendi鈥?/a>

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