how to feed a crowd on a budget

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  • How do you feed a lot of people on a budget?

  • Stew + Fresh Bread 鈥?One more classic way to feed a lot of mouths: soup or stew and bread. It鈥檚 filling and so delicious too. All of these desserts will be easy, fast, and relatively cheap. 鈥?Just Fruit! That鈥檚 just the beginning of a list; I bet you have lots more good ideas for feeding a lot of people on a budget.

  • What is the cheapest way to feed a large crowd?

  • You can always make French toast for breakfast with a loaf of French bread, a few eggs and some milk. This will feed a crowd. Another cheap breakfast is pancakes 鈥?add in some of your own maple syrup, and you鈥檒l feeding the family on a budget.鈥?/div>Feed a Crowd on a Budget! {Easy Recipes + Cheap Ideas}

  • Is it hard to feed a crowd?

  • Whether you鈥檙e the party host or attendee, feeding a crowd can be tough. Let us make it a little easier for you with these ideas on ways to feed a crowd. We鈥檝e collected over 25+ fabulous ways to feed a crowd.

  • How to feed a crowd of 10 or more for $20?

  • Here are our ten favorite ways to feed a crowd of ten or more 鈥?for less than $20. The ground rules for this list: It will include a main dish and a side dish 鈥?no drinks. We listed desserts separately; many fruit-based and baked desserts are inexpensive and will also keep your budget under $20.

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