how to feed a crowd on a budget

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  • How to feed a crowd of people for less?

  • If you buy dainty tea sandwiches and vegetable salads, you may be throwing away a lot of food. Choose foods that fit the guest list and the party event to avoid food waste as much as possible. There are other things you can do to serve food cheaply at parties as well. Here are some of the tips I use to feed a crowd for less.

  • How to feed a large group of people on a budget?

  • Let鈥檚 be honest, when you鈥檙e feeding a large group of people, the food costs can get pretty overwhelming very quickly. Here are some ways to try to feed a large group on a small budget: Go vegetarian.

  • How to save money on a party food budget?

  • Being able to buy in such a large quantity saves a ton of money on our grocery bill. You can save too if you keep an eye on the sales and stock up in advance on what you need. One of the most expensive parts of a party food budget is beverages.

  • How much does it cost to feed a crowd of ten?

  • There are a few meals we return to over and over that are easy, delicious, and easy on the wallet. Here are our ten favorite ways to feed a crowd of ten or more 鈥?for less than $20. The ground rules for this list: It will include a main dish and a side dish 鈥?no drinks.

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