how to feed horses

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The rules of feeding your horseChange feed and feed schedules gradually. Whenever you make a change to your horse鈥檚 feed type or ration size,make the change incrementally. …Measure feed accurately and feed consistently. …Don’t feed immediately before or after exercise. …Stick to a routine

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  • How to feed a horse with your hand?

  • When offering a horse food with your hand, you want to make sure your hand is flat with your fingers together and the food or treat on your palm. Doing this will keep your fingertips away from the horse’s mouth, and it will be less likely to accidentally nip you while taking the food. Avoid holding your hand too high.

  • What do you feed a horse with hay?

  • Many horse owners feed grass hay or straight alfalfa or a combination of grass and alfalfa to their horses. Grasses commonly used as hay are brome, orchard, and timothy. Long stem hay is the traditional baled hay. It is cut, cured, and baled. It can be bundled in 50- to 80-pound square bales or large, round or long square bales that can weigh tons.

  • How to choose the right food for your horse?

  • When you feed your horse, take into account its age, weight, work and growth to determine its diet. Some horses are easier to feed and require fewer nutrients than others. Other horses are very difficult to feed and require special attention.

  • What do horses eat in a day?

  • Structural carbohydrates, like hay and grass, are essential to a horse鈥檚 diet. [3] Horses eat large quantities of hay and grass as their main source of food. In fact, horses should eat about 15-20 pounds or 1-2% of their body weight in hay every day, so make sure that your horse always has plenty of hay to chew on.

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