how to feed koi fish

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Include natural pond plants and scraps. Variety is important in a well-rounded diet. …Provide shrimp on occasion. Frozen shrimp can be used as a protein supplement. However,they should be used sparingly.Add color-enhancing foods. Of course,koi are best-known for their beautiful colors. You can help preserve and enhance their color by feeding them color-enhancing foods every four weeks.Feed koi live foods. Koi may enjoy eating live foods from time to time,like they do in the wild,as a special treat.

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  • What should I Feed my Koi during summer?

  • Summer is a good time to feed high growth food to your koi. For the younger fish that are growing, the protein content is very important. For fry and juvenile fish, the fish food should have a protein content of approximately 50%. For fish that are in their adult stage, their protein requirements decreases.

  • How to feed koi fish from a bottle?

  • Feeding koi fish from a bottle can be an efficient way of feeding a target fish as well. Simply fill a baby bottle with koi food, and cut the end of the bottle nipple to allow the dry pellet food to fall through.

  • What to do if your koi are not eating?

  • If you find that your koi do not readily eat, avoid excessive feeding and remove unconsumed fish feed. You can gradually increase the feeding frequency to up to 2x a day while paying close attention to rising water temperatures.

  • Do koi fish eat from your hand?

  • Koi Fish Feeding Tips for Growing Koi. The best part about raising koi fish is feeding them! Seeing them come to the surface and even eating from the palm of your hand is the best bonding experience between growing koi fish and their owners. It’s said that koi have a memory of around three minutes, yet they can learn to recognize their feeders.

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